Events at the Camellia Rose Inn

This elegant inn offers a range of versatile event spaces that cater to gatherings of various sizes. From cozy indoor parlors adorned with vintage décor to spacious outdoor patios bathed in natural light, the Camellia Rose Inn has a space to suit every occasion. The tastefully designed interiors and well-manicured outdoor areas provide a picturesque backdrop for capturing cherished memories.

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Successful Bridal Shower for Brittany!

Brittany booked the Inn for a Bridal Shower through PeerSpace. We loved working with her! You can book the Inn for your event directly with us or through We can’t wait to help you have a great event!












Graduation Celebration and Bridal Showers- The Camellia Rose Inn

Check out these beautiful celebrations at the Camellia Rose Inn. We have a perfect venue for your party. We have a dining room, living room, and a huge wrap-around porch. Book now and have fun!

You are in full control of your own party- you can choose your caterer, bring your own drinks, and decorate how you would like.

New Event Space: The Camellia Rose Inn

Book your next event at the Camellia Rose Inn. It’s perfect for an intimate setting (up to 25 guests). You are the head of your own event as you can choose the caterer, the decor, the drinks, and more.

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